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Public Speaking Strategy: Deliver Your Message and Presentation with Confidence!

Practice and Create Your Presentation in Class!  

Get feedback and build your Inspiration! 

On Day 1,  Attend a workshop to build strategies and tactics to present under pressure and make your presentation memorable.  Learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking.   And what to do under pressure.   You will walk away with practical guidance on how to handle different environments and content.  The most important part is to practice your speeches and presentations to build your experience.  Developing a speech is handled with a few steps.  Ultimately getting feedback helps you understand why something was well received and what could be done to improve your message.  Areas discussed: 

  • Build your confidence
  • Practice conversation and improve socially in small groups
  • Build  strengths
  • Transform  meetings into positive sessions
  • Handle challenging meetings
  • Safe environment is the key
  • Importance of your audience
  • Gestures and body language
  • Organizing your presentation
  • Opening and Closing

On Day 2,  Learn strategy to continue to build your confidence.  Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills.  Master communicating  that will make you a better speaker and presenter.  Sometimes the best speakers give a message and anchor it with personal stories or anecdotes.  What makes a difference is learning different strategies to connect with your audience.  Whether that is a group of teenagers or several generations.   You will learn:

  • Establish a direction and connect with your audience
  • How to cope with nervousness
  • How to get your point across and connect with different people
  • How to use visual aids for impact
  • Prepare and deliver a speech
  • Personality types
  • Vocal Variety
  • Tips on writing your presentation
  • A Pause
  • Add impact
  • Masters Expert Program Enrollment - Public Speaking, How to Write a Book, Coaching Business