We will give you tips and areas you could work on to improve your confidence in public speaking.  You will learn to do some public speaking in the classes, projects, and practical’s.  But you may have to do other efforts like reading how to improve, attend local toastmasters groups, and find ways to get in front of others to grow.

A few tips to start is:

1.  When speaking to a group don’t just give a speech.  Deliver a Message and tell a story.  Personal stories help us connect to your ideas and will make it memorable.

2.  Speak about things you are passionate about.  You can always smile more when you talk about something you love.

3.  Respect the time and requirements of the speech.  If they ask you to speak 10 minutes only go 10 minutes.   Time is very valuable.  Practice your speech,  practice your speech and practice your speech so you stay on time.

4.  Design the speech to the audience and talk about what they want/need from you.  If you don’t know the group try to get information about the group and try to talk to a few members before you go.  Maybe call them on the phone to discuss the subject matter and they may give you ideas.  Do your home work.

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