A Few things will help you begin this process:

  1. Read like crazy…. read self help, DIY, and any book that you think applies to your area of experience.
  2. Start a Blog, Write one posting daily.  Begin to build and find your voice.
  3. Start with Gratitude –  write down all the things you are grateful for so when you are low you can review what you do have.
  4. Be there or be present.  Be in the now.
  5. Challenge yourself to be optimistic and happy every day.  It starts with you.
  6. Get sleep.
  7. Get exercise…  walk, bike, swim, or do something for you body every day.
  8. Eat right.  If you are unsure about this read about nutrition and what it takes.
  9. Set Goals to accomplish your projects.  Write down your goals and your mind will start to accomplish them.
  10. Learn to laugh and smile every day.

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